CEO’s Pregnant Lover (Denver Men Book 1)

Never mix business with pleasure…

Klutzy, adorable Brianna Daughtry is nothing like the women Trent Caldwell is usually attracted to. The handsome, cold-hearted billionaire goes for bimbos and eye-candy who look good on his arm, women who won’t make a fuss when things end. But Brianna, his new temporary assistant, is nothing like that at all…

She’s the sort of woman who can make a man’s heart beat faster. And make him wish he were a different man…a better man. The type of woman Trent usually avoids at all costs. Except, he can’t. And even if he could, his heart doesn’t want to…

Brianna can’t believe someone like Trent could be remotely attracted to her. But she can’t deny that his smoldering looks, his lingering touches, and his intoxicating kisses tell her otherwise. Yes, he’s maddeningly overbearing and arrogant. But somehow, the alpha businessman has a sweet side as well.

Even with Trent’s old nemesis casting a shadow over their happiness, it seems her dreams of forever may come true. Until a devastating turn of events threatens to tear everything they’ve built apart…

This book was previously released in 2014.

CEO’s Pregnant Lover is available from Amazon.

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4 thoughts on “CEO’s Pregnant Lover (Denver Men Book 1)”

  1. I have read three of your book ,you are very talented witty the( plots)once I start reading your book I am in a different planet .The sex scenes are a die for.I am intrigue .you go girl love you

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