Cowboy’s Beautiful Best Friend (Anderson Ranch Brothers #2)

This sexy cowboy is making a run for romance…

It’s tough when you realize you’re wildly attracted to your best friend… Especially after you’ve been friend zoning them in your head for years. But that’s where rancher Nate Anderson finds himself when he asks June to fake a relationship, to help him buy the ranch of his dreams.

The ranch’s owner, an old family friend of June’s, wants to merge the properties together. And the only way to do that is if Nate and June are a couple. June agrees, but only if Nate teaches her how to be the perfect girlfriend so she’ll be equipped to find a man who wants a real relationship with her — a man who definitely isn’t Nate…

June’s never had much luck with romance, But now, with Nate’s help, she’s confident she can finally avoid any more dating disasters. But as for Nate? He’s out of her league, and has never seen her like that anyway. A fake relationship is the most she could ever get from him…until the “fake” heat between them starts to feel all too real.

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