Cowboy’s Doorstep Baby (Windy Creek Romances #1)

Romance is cookin’ for this sexy cowboy and his feisty new chef…

Sam Carden’s got a lot on his plate, with plans to expand his cowboy camp. But things get more complicated when an old flame shows up with their infant daughter, Molly, and hands her off—permanently.

Witnessing this is Arielle Rose, Sam’s gorgeous new cook. When Sam’s old cook informs him he’s recovered from an injury and can return to work again, Sam decides what he really needs is a nanny. Arielle agrees on one condition: she needs time to hone her recipes for a big upcoming competition.

Arielle is laser-focused on her job as a chef, so it’s a bit distracting to have to watch little Molly while she’s preparing for her competition. But the bigger distraction is Sam, who’s just about the sexiest man she’s ever met. The stress of preparing for the contest is definitely taking a toll. So, when Sam asks her to stay on as Molly’s nanny, she’s less than thrilled. No matter how attractive she finds Sam or how much she loves being around Molly…

Arielle knows she has to follow her dream…but what if it leads away from the family she’s falling in love with?

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