Cowboy’s Secret Son (Collier Cowboy Camp Book 1)

Lights, Camera, Romance…

Remington’s late father left him half of the family’s famous cowboy camp.

But he left the other half to a kid Remington has never met—although the adorable child’s mother is no stranger. Melody Naly was Remington’s childhood best friend, until they foolishly spent a night together.

When Remington left home to become a hot shot rodeo star, Melody stayed to run the Collier Cowboy Camp, and to take care of Remington’s ailing father. But in the process, she sacrificed her dreams of traveling to raise her son…Remington’s son.

Remington only came back to star in a new reality show, following his renovations of the old-school camp, as he turns it into a state-of-the-art getaway for kids. With the cameras always rolling, nothing can stay hidden for long. Especially the smoldering tension—and chemistry—between Melody and Remington.

Once Remington finds out about his secret son, he’s desperate to be the best father he can be. But can Melody trust him this time, when he says he’s back for good?

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