Cowboy’s Temporary Nanny

Never fall in love with a cowboy…

When cowboy Adam Lewis unexpectedly becomes the sole guardian of his infant nephew, his entire life is turned upside down. He’s always been a serious, quiet man. But now he’s up to his eyeballs in diapers and onesies.

Enter beautiful researcher Kaylee Scott. Kaylee sees Adam struggling, and makes him an offer he can’t refuse… She’ll act as his temporary nanny, if he connects her with other ranchers in the area, so she can get the data she needs for her big tech employer.

Though Kaylee’s satisfied the sexy cowboy is holding up his end of the bargain, he can’t seem to drop his serious attitude. Still, she can’t fight her attraction to him. He’s so darned cute when he’s holding the baby, and he seems dedicated to becoming the best father possible. And when they kiss…Kaylee knows she’s in serious trouble.

With her project ending soon, Kaylee is torn. She’s supposed to leave town in a few weeks. But can her heart take it if she has to leave Adam behind?

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