Cowboy’s Unexpected Match (Collier Cowboy Camp #2)

Taison Butler is stuck in town until he recovers from a rodeo injury. In exchange for the physical therapy he needs to get back in the saddle, Taison agrees to help out his buddy, Remington Collier, a former rodeo rival who now runs the Collier Cowboy Camp. Fully expecting to be working at the camp, Taison is thrown when he’s tasked with helping out Remington’s cousin, the wonderfully disorganized and distractingly sexy local vet, Emme Lion. 

Emme is under pressure to bring her Grandfather’s vet practice back to life, and Taison’s steady hand is what her business has been missing. But she’s been burned before by an ex who kicked her out of the practice she’d built right after he’d dumped her for another woman. Lesson learned — business and pleasure just don’t mix. This is her chance at a fresh start, and no blond, blue-eyed cowboy is going to stop that. 

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