First Down (Sharks Football #1)

Love is a full contact sport…

Mark Coleridge is living the dream. He’s making big bucks as a pro football player with his favorite team, the Savannah Sharks. Life seems perfect. But after winning his latest game, he looks up at the Jumbotron and is shocked to see Tessa Black, his high school sweetheart. And standing next to her is a little boy who looks suspiciously familiar…

Suddenly, football has to take a backseat. Mark’s a father… and still in love with the girl who ghosted him five years ago. Sure, he’s angry she hid his son from him. But when he learns why, it just makes him want her even more.

Tessa’s loved Mark for as long as she can remember. But she knew if she told him she was pregnant, his dreams of playing in the NFL would have been over. She couldn’t bring herself to do it back then. Can she let him into her life now?

Mark’s a good dad, and Tessa can’t help but fall for him all over again. But she knows football will always be his first love. And her focus has to be on her son.

Can their love score a touchdown this time?

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