Guarding Viktoria (Springwell Series #3)

When danger meets desire, all bets are off…

Viktoria Jonsdottir is smart, driven, and beautiful. But she’s also in danger. To protect her, her father has hired a bodyguard to look after her. But the last thing Viktoria wants is a babysitter, even if he is sexy as hell. Like it or not, though, she’s got Lee McCallister, former Army Ranger, keeping her safe. From what, she’s not really sure… Until the pilot hired on for her private plane attempts to kidnap her at gunpoint. Thank goodness Lee is there.

Lee cares only about one thing. Doing his job. And if that job includes keeping a rich brat safe, so be it. The former Army Ranger braces himself for days of enduring Viktoria. Demanding, lovely, kissable Viktoria. It isn’t long before he realizes she’s not the spoiled princess he thought she was. Despite his best efforts, he’s starting to fall for her.

And if they can survive this ordeal, maybe she’ll fall for him too…

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