Italian Billionaire’s Stubborn Lover (The Romano Brothers #1)

Luxury real estate agent Adeline Peluso came to Italy in search of adventure. Inheriting an apartment with a view of the coast in Sicily sounded like something out of a movie, but after two years watching a resort she’d always loved fall to pieces she’s ready to throw in the proverbial towel…that is until one of the owners finally walked into her office. Tall, dark, and devastatingly handsome, the man would drive her crazy with his arguments if he didn’t set her aflame with his kisses.

Billionaire Nicolo Romano is a global citizen. He’s the kind of guy who skis in the Alps, snorkels in the caribbean, and enjoys the lights of the Vegas strip on a whim. He has no desire to be tied down any time soon. So when he and his brothers inherit the family resort, Nicolo has one goal: Sell it and sell it fast. But coming back to the place he loved as a child to find a woman who feels just as passionately about the crumbling hotel throws him. Instead of using his business savvy to sell fast, Nicolo is wooing this woman with his island, slowly falling back in love with the place himself.

When whip smart arguments turn into stolen kisses and stolen kisses turn into steamy nights, Adeline and Nicolo will realize that they’re fighting for more than the fate of a historic hotel. They’re fighting for the chance of life’s greatest adventure: True Love.

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Nicolo Romano held his hand against his abdomen as he flicked a glance over his shoulder. He was surprised to find that there was no one standing behind him.

Turning to face forward, he took in the spirited woman before him. He’d been directed to her office to discuss the sale of the long-abandoned resort recently inherited by him and his brothers. Yet upon his arrival Ms. Peluso’s face flooded with color. Its hot pink blush did nothing to hide her beauty. Her petite build was slender but had all the curves of a woman. Her light brown hair was streaked with gold, and her pencil skirt showed off just enough of her supple legs to make Nicolo’s hands crave to trace over them. Even at a glance he could tell that she had a fiery soul that only the luckiest of men would get the chance to try to tame.

“I am sorry,” Nicolo said, putting a hand over his chest. “Perhaps you have me mistaken for another. I am Nicolo—”

“Oh, I know who you are. Nicolo Romano, the new owner of the Romano del Mare.”

He knew her name to be Adeline Peluso from the sign on her office door. It was a good Sicilian name, yet while she looked Sicilian to his eyes, she did not sound Sicilian to his ears.

“I am sorry. Have I done something to offend?” This was not the reception he had anticipated. He’d been assured that Ms. Peluso was the very best that the agency had to offer, and while the resort was now dilapidated, its sale would still make any agent who handled the transaction a lot of money.

“Sit,” Adeline instructed, pointing to a richly upholstered armless chair sitting before her desk.

While not used to taking orders from women, beautiful or otherwise, Nicolo was intrigued by what she’d have to say, and this was after all her office. So he sat. Unbuttoning his coat jacket with one hand, he crossed his legs and cupped his palms over his knee.

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