Savage Boss (Sokolov Bratva #1)

A marriage forged in blood…

Ever since she was a child, Alexandra Volkin was raised to be a mafia Queen. But when her husband-to-be is murdered—on their wedding day—her fiance’s oldest son, Viktor, claims her as his own. Not because he wants her. But because he wants to break her.

He suspects Alexandra’s father of the murder and he’s going to rip the truth from her lips.

One brooding look from Viktor is enough to make Alexandra’s heart race, but he also possesses a dark side that terrifies her. She has to prove her father’s innocence. And if that means seducing her ruthless new husband, so be it…

The marriage was never meant to happen, but now Viktor can’t help but admire his beautiful, stubborn wife. He needs to keep her close—very close—so he can uncover the truth and avenge his father. The problem is, she’s tearing down his walls. And in Viktor’s world, emotion is weakness. Fear is power.

He’ll break her before he gives in.

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