Protecting His Brother’s Babies

Next door neighbors. Friends. Lovers?

Friends. They’re just friends—at least that’s what former Navy SEAL Sutton Gray tells himself repeatedly. But he’s helpless to fight the intense attraction he feels for his beautiful neighbor, Marisol Alvarez.

Sutton’s been alone most of his life, so he’s reluctant to cave to Marisol’s attempt at making him part of her apartment building “family.” But when Marisol becomes the target of a shady character, not only do his protective instincts kick into overdrive…so does his burning desire.

Oh, why did Sutton have to kiss her? Now it’s all Marisol can think of. That, and his gorgeous face, his sculpted body—despite the scars and injuries—and his dark eyes. And she’s thinking thoughts no real friend should indulge in. It’s clear something about his time in the SEALs is haunting him and she knows kisses alone, no matter how consuming, won’t be enough to heal him—on the inside or out.

Marisol knows she can’t fix Sutton, but maybe she can help him heal. She only needs time, but that’s something that may be running out for them both…

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