Rancher’s Family Christmas (Christmas at the Harvey Ranch #1)

  Deck the ranch with romance…

Widower and single dad Alex Harvey is doing his best to run a ranch, care for his wheelchair-bound father, and raise three girls. But when his middle daughter writes a letter to Santa asking for a real family Christmas, he’s gut-punched. How can he make his daughter’s wish come true, when everything around him is falling apart? 

Then beautiful and kind Juniper Marsh steps in, and vows to help. To Alex, Juniper was just the girl next door and his brother’s best friend. Now she’s a vibrant, joy-filled presence in his life. Alex never thought he had time to find love. But has love finally found him?

Juniper thought she’d outgrown her schoolgirl crush on Alex. But her attraction reignites the moment Alex walks into her boutique. He’s even sexier now than back in high school… A tall, lean, cowboy with a crooked smile and a smoldering stare.

Juniper’s determined to help Alex give his girls the perfect Christmas. But secretly, she’s hoping their kiss under the mistletoe will turn into something more. Can that Christmas magic make both their dreams come true?

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