SEAL Protector (Brothers in Arms #2)

When danger calls, this sexy Navy SEAL takes charge…

Former Navy SEAL Vann Highrider has given everything to Brothers-in-Arms, the boot camp he runs with his teammates. But when someone frames his fellow SEALs for murder, it’s up to Vann to clear their name. And the last thing he needs is more bad press…

When he spots petite brunette Mercy Conde failing miserably at his survival course, Vann wants to send her packing to avoid an accident. But once they lock eyes, he just can’t say no. And worse, he can’t get her off his mind…

As a restaurant heiress, Mercy wants to take over family’s empire overseas. But first she has to prove she can take care of herself. Brothers-in-Arms’ training seems like the perfect fit. So when Vann offers to take her under his wing, she agrees to play things his way…especially when “his way” means lots of close, personal attention from the smoking hot former SEAL.

But when they’re both thrown into a life or death situation, they’ll have to put their skills—and trust for each other—to the ultimate test…

If you love action, alpha males and lessons in confidence you’ll love this!—grab SEAL Protector here:

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Brothers in Arms is also available as a boxed set from Amazon, GooglePlay, iBooks, Kobo and Nook.

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