SEAL’s Christmas Daughter

A Navy SEAL makes for a sexy Christmas surprise…

Former Navy SEAL Alan Walker could never get Marissa off his mind. Of all the women in his life, she’s the one he just can’t forget—even though it’s been ten years since they spent an unforgettable night together.

So when he’s assigned to stake out a house in a quiet residential neighborhood, he’s shocked to discover Marissa living right next door. But he’s even more surprised when he learns that one magical night, all those years ago, left him a father…

Marissa gave up on Alan long ago, and now she’s not exactly thrilled to have him join her little family—even if it is Christmas. But his smoldering eyes and shy smile quickly melt her resolve. When Alan explains a murder suspect could show up next door, Marissa agrees to let him stay so he can help protect her family – and get to know his daughter.

But she’s determined to ignore their growing attraction. Ignore his ripped body, and those scorching kisses…

But can she ignore what’s in her heart?

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