SEAL’s Love (Team Oracle Security #3)

An island mystery and Navy SEAL’s chance at love…

Former Navy SEAL Colin Parks III comes from money—a background that’s both a blessing and curse. When he and his pals return from lunch one day to the private security firm they own, they find employee, Harper Bell, freaking out. Her sister is missing from an island resort…the one Colin’s family happens to own.

Colin wants nothing to do with his family’s grand reunion upon his return to the island. But Harper is scared, and Colin has a soft spot for those in trouble, so he agrees to help her investigate. Good thing they can help each other—with Harper agreeing to be his very fake, very beautiful girlfriend.

Harper is fine pretending to be the SEAL’s girlfriend. It’s not like she’s in danger of falling for him since he’s all military precision, white picket fences, and long-term commitment. She’s more of a live-in-the-moment free spirit. But soon the pretend kisses start feeling real, and even though finding her sister is never far from her thoughts—neither is Colin. Something sinister is clearly happening at the resort, something that’s endangering them all.

Something that threatens to tear them apart before Harper can realize she belongs with Colin—forever.

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