SEAL’s One-Night Stand (Sentinel Security #2)

One night with a SEAL leads to so much more…

Retired Navy SEAL Brennan Eckstrom knows that love—if it exists at all—only leads to heartbreak. So when brilliant and beautiful app developer Joy Carlson shares one night with him and his heart wants more, he pulls away before things get too serious.

One month later, Joy shows up at his security firm in need of his help.
When her house is burned down, he insists she stay with him to keep her safe. It’s certainly not because he never wants to let her go.

Brennan’s a gorgeous, charming, and an absolute stunner in the bedroom. And Joy fully knows he’s not the sort of man to settle down. Still, as the two work to solve the mystery of who is trying to harm her and why, Joy can’t help falling for the sexy former SEAL.

But when they face their toughest challenge, will Brennan stick around long enough to realize love is the only thing that can save them both?

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