Sheikha’s Determined Police Officer (The Botros Brothers #4)

botros4With her friends in happy relationships and two insanely overprotective cousins, Aaliyah Botros is beginning to wonder if she’ll ever get her chance at love.

So she can hardly believe it when she bumps into a former flame while on a road trip. Joseph is just as charming as ever and the years have been good to him. Very good. He’s even more handsome, muscular and disarming than when they were young. But despite the connection she still feels, Aaliyah knows her family will never approve.

Joseph can’t believe his luck running into Aaliyah after all this time. Truthfully, he never stopped thinking about her after high school. Now she’s even more beautiful and fierce as a 25-year-old woman. But while he may be a respected police officer in his community, he knows it won’t be so easy to earn the respect of the Botros family.

All it takes is one night to reignite the passion between Aaliyah and Joseph, but with her strict family and their cultural differences in the way, is their relationship doomed from the start?

Approximate length: 30,000 words (a novella)

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“You see, everyone has someone to love but me,” Aaliyah said with a little sadness in her voice.
“You’re a beautiful girl, you won’t be single for long,” Keira said.
“If I can find someone, trust me you can and you will. There is no need to rush,” Sara said as she sipped her drink. Suddenly they heard a siren. Aaliyah looked in the rear view mirror and saw a police car behind them with its lights flashing.
“Is that siren for us?” Soraya asked.
“She finally lifts her head up from her phone,” Kaleena joked. Soraya laughed and put the phone in her purse. She had been married to Amir for less than a year and they were still in their newlywed phase.
“I think he wants us to pull over,” Aaliyah said as she slowed down and pulled off onto the side of the road. The police car stopped behind them.
“We were probably going too fast,” Keira said.
“Really?” Aaliyah had not even realised. She suddenly remembered how her cousins, Tariq and Amir, always told her that she drove too fast.
“Check him out,” Sara said and nodded in the direction of the police officer as he approached the driver’s side. Aaliyah opened the window and looked at the police officer. She opened her mouth to speak but no words came out, as she simply stared at him.
“Good afternoon sir, is there a problem?” Sara asked. The officer too was staring at Aaliyah.
“Ladies, you were going faster than the speed limit,” he finally said. “Licence and registration please?” he added. The three women in the back seat leaned forward to look at the police officer.
“Were we?” Aaliyah asked and cleared her throat. “I did not even realise,” she added as she turned to the console to search for her license and registration. The police officer didn’t take his eyes off Aaliyah.
“Is it hard being a police officer?” Keira asked cheekily.
“No ma’am, it is not,” he replied.
“It looks like you can handle it,” Kaleena said.
“He looks built for the part,” Sara said in reference to his muscular physique. Aaliyah looked at her wide-eyed and tried not to laugh.
“You ladies sound like trouble,” he said. Aaliyah handed him her licence and registration. She felt a tugging feeling in her chest as their eyes met. What the hell?
“Oh, we are not,” Sara said with a mischievous smile on her face.
He smiled as he inspected the documents, which gave Aaliyah a chance to run her eyes over him. He was tall and his muscles filled out the uniform well. He had thick, dark hair that curled slightly at his nape. His skin was a nice caramel colour and when he took his sunglasses off; his eyes were the colour of chocolate. He handed the documents back to Aaliyah.
“I will let you off this once,” he said, as he stared at her. “A beautiful lady like you should be more careful on these roads,” he finally added. He smiled as he walked away.
“Bye,” the other four chimed out at once as Aaliyah buried her head in her hands and started laughing.
“That is one handsome officer,” Sara said. Aaliyah shook her head as she started the engine.
“I think he knows that you think so,” Aaliyah said.
“Me? You were so taken by him, you could not even speak.” The other girls laughed and agreed.
“It was not that. There was something familiar about him. I think that I have seen him before.” Aaliyah could not put her finger on it. She knew she had seen him before but where exactly?
“Well, he was staring at you too,” Soraya said.
“So much so that he did not even care about us teasing him,” Sara added.
“He was, wasn’t he?” Aaliyah agreed. She had noticed him staring at her too. She had felt some kind of connection, but she couldn’t quite remember why. It made no sense to her at all. Starting the engine again, she shook it off and decided not to dwell on it any longer.

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