Sheikh’s Pregnant American (Sheikhs Pact #2)

Love always finds a way…

Sheikh Camil Abadi believes love is just a silly fantasy. Lust, however, is another matter. So when the irrepressible American Piper McCarthy careens into a meeting with him, asking to write about his great-grandparents, he’s much more interested in her than some ancient local legend concerning the infamous Lovers of Al-Fahr…

After they share an unforgettable night of pleasure, Camil assumed that was the end of it. But two months later, Piper is back… And Camil is shocked to discover that she’s pregnant with his child. But as they spend more time together, the Sheikh who doesn’t believe in love suddenly finds himself falling head over heels for the beautiful writer.

Piper is excited to research the famous Lovers of Al-Fahr. It’s the perfect story for her romantic soul. She only wishes that kind of love would find her. Camil may be the most gorgeous, sexiest man she’s ever met, but love? That’s not in the cards—at least not for Camil. And Piper’s still not sure what she feels.

With a baby on the way, will either of them discover the truth in their hearts, before it’s too late?

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