Taken by the Navy SEAL (Owned by the Navy SEAL Series #2)

This is long awaited too-hot-to-handle sequel to Owned By The Navy Seal!

Tall, hot, muscular navy seal action in overdrive.

Rita was on another boring date with another boring guy. She asked herself: “How had her life come to this?” Then tall, hunky Jared confidently strides into her life.

Surely she should go for someone more normal. With a 9-5 job. A pension scheme. Someone safer. But the attraction is too strong.

And when an abusive ex-boyfriend comes back into Rita’s life, the bond between her and Jared only becomes stronger. But will Jared be able to protect his new lover?

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Owned by the Navy SEAL Series is available as a boxset from Amazon, GooglePlay, iBooks, Nook and Kobo.