The Billionaire Athlete’s Christmas Fling (Elkin Brothers Christmas #1)

The Billionaire Athlete’s Christmas Fling is part of the “Christmas with the Elkin Billionaires” boxed set.

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The last place Chase Elkins wants to spend Christmas is at his family’s ski resort. He loves his family, but he’s nursing an injury and doesn’t need the temptation of the slopes. However, when his grandmother says she’s seen enough of her grandsons in the tabloids and they’re to return home for Christmas, he can’t refuse. And when he runs into the captivating ski instructor Tana Birch upon arrival, he’s secretly glad he returned.

Tana is sure she’ll be fired after making a fool of herself in front of one of the resort owners. How could she not know the gorgeous man she insulted was Chase Elkins?! Instead she finds herself up for promotion—recommended by Chase. But she’s working at Elk Lodge to escape her past and support her young daughter, not to get involved with a billionaire athlete—especially one in her employer’s family. She wants to earn the promotion on merit, so any relationship is completely off limits. Even if her daughter is totally obsessed with him.

But when Tana is accused of stealing from a wealthy client, Chase is confronted by the fact that he might not know her as well as he thought. It doesn’t take much digging to find that Tana has also made the news. Will Tana’s past catch up with her and leave Chase’s heart in the cold?