The Billionaire’s Pretend Wife (Preston Brothers #1)

To Stephanie Sugarman, Charlie Preston is just the bad boy billionaire who rejected his own son. Six years ago, she and Charlie had an admittedly hot one-night stand, which left her pregnant. When she tracked down his family, his mother offered her money to go away. Now, however, Stephanie’s forced to spend time with Charlie as her boss’s liaison while Charlie crunches the numbers for a potential acquisition. At first, she can’t stand to be in the same room as the charming, brilliant businessman. But as time goes on, she realizes the man she believed him to be and the man she sees now are completely different. This Charlie is honorable, charming, and—most importantly—would never abandon his son. And he seems determined to prove to her that he’s worthy of her heart.

Even though he and Stephanie only spent one incredible night together, Charlie has never been able to get her out of his mind. Now that he’s working with her, he has the chance to make things right, to prove he’s someone she and their son can trust. He’ll approach fatherhood the same way he approaches everything in life—with a detailed, meticulous plan. What he doesn’t anticipate is fiercely independent Stephanie, who gets a bit prickly when he tries to lay out a future for them. The problem is, planning is what Charlie does best, but he learns too late that all the planning in the world can’t make her stay with him. He’ll have to ditch his plan and follow his heart…no matter where it leads.

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