The Billionaire’s Single Mom (Durand Billionaire Brothers #3)

A grumpy billionaire who refuses to fall in love… 

Billionaire lawyer Guillaume “Gui” Durand watched his two brothers fall for their grandfather’s thinly veiled matchmaking manipulations. He’s determined to not make the same mistake. Disguised as a community project, his grandfather has directed Gui to help Riley Greene win custody of her adorable niece and nephew. Seeing how his brothers fell for their community projects, he’s completely prepared to resist Riley’s considerable charms.

Until he meets her.

She’s open and warm, and for some reason, does things to his heart no other woman has.

Riley knows winning custody of her late sister’s twins is an uphill battle, but she’ll do anything to keep them away from their father. Having a successful lawyer on her side is nice. Having feelings for said lawyer? Not so nice.

Resisting Gui is proving to be a challenge—from the minute she meets him, Riley is immediately aware of their red-hot chemistry. When they finally give in to their attraction, Riley has major doubts about getting involved with anyone when she has to focus on the twins. But what does her heart say? 

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