The Cowboy’s Baby Agreement (Wells Brothers #2)

True love never lies…

At 30 and single, Mina Heath has made the biggest decision of her life: she wants to have a baby. But after perusing the local sperm bank’s donor options, she’s stunned to find that her favorite anonymous donor is someone she knows. Her high school crush, Liam Wells…

Now that the injured rodeo star is back in town, it’s getting hard for Mina to keep her mind off this smoking hot cowboy. And it becomes impossible to ignore him when she gets stranded in his cabin during a snowstorm—especially after Liam suggests they try to get pregnant the old-fashioned way.

When the snow clears after their passionate night, Mina heads home. But no way is Liam saying good-bye to her that easily. Pretending to be concerned for their potential baby, he ensures they get together as often as possible. Still, Mina wants do everything on her own. And Liam tries to convince himself their no-strings relationship is for the best.

But this cowboy’s heart just isn’t buying it. Can Liam convince Mina—and himself—that he’s finally ready to settle down?

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