The Lord’s Passionate Lover (The Royals of Monaco #3)

After both her sisters had the royal weddings of their dreams, Francesca LeBlanc figured she’d never get her turn… until Lord Jacques came along.

Compared to her beautiful and fearless sisters, 21-year-old Fran has always felt awkward and insecure. She couldn’t possibly have anything that would entice tall, ruggedly handsome Lord Jacques. Not only is the king’s advisor charming, sexy and confident, but he’s also much older than her. Fran may find him attractive, but she has no idea why he looks at her the way he does.

Lord Jacques swore off women after his last relationship ended in divorce. But one dance with innocent, beautiful brunette Francesca and he can’t help but be smitten. Her mix of shyness and spirit is an intriguing combination that he finds irresistible. The more she ignores him, the more determined he is to get to know her. When he finally gets his chance, he’ll have to work hard to remember his vow to be the perfect gentleman…

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