The Rancher’s City Girl (Wells Brothers #1)

On the ranch, true love always finds a way…

When her beloved aunt passes away, Becca Harding knows exactly what she wants to do with her inheritance… Buy a ranch, and move to the country. But when she finds the perfect property, the owner—smoldering-hot cowboy Cade Wells—isn’t sure he wants to sell…

Cade is more than a little skeptical that Becca can handle country life. So she makes a deal with the surly rancher. She’ll work with him for one month to prove she has the chops. At first, these two are stubborn as mules. But as time passes, Becca can’t decide which she loves more… The ranch or, the grumpy cowboy and his adorable daughter.

Single dad Cade loves his ranch, but he wants more for his young daughter than a life filled with cows and empty fields. And he has to admit, Becca knows what she wants, and she’s not afraid to go for it. But why couldn’t she be a tad less cheerful? And a lot less sexy? Now the only demon Cade is fighting is his attraction to Becca…

And as the month goes by, can these two stop butting heads, and give true love a chance?