The Rancher’s City Girl (Wells Brothers #1)

When Becca Harding was ten years old, she spent one idyllic week at a ranch camp she’s never forgotten. After her aunt dies and leaves her a small fortune, Becca immediately knows what she wants to do with her inheritance: buy a ranch and live her dream life. Finding one for sale near her childhood camp seems like fate. Unfortunately, the owner, smoldering-hot cowboy Cade Wells, makes it clear he’s more than skeptical about her ability to handle ranch life. So she makes a deal. She’ll stay on the ranch for one month to prove to Cade she can handle the ropes. While Cade maddeningly sticks to his old-school ways, Becca is determined to introduce him to modern technology. As the two clash heads, they can’t deny the red-hot attraction they have for each other. And as time passes, Becca’s not certain if she loves the ranch or the cowboy more.

Single dad Cade has his own demons to vanquish and fully believes selling his ranch is the way to do it. His 10-year-old daughter Jocelyn deserves more than a life among cows and empty fields. And he needs to rid himself of painful memories of his mentally ill ex-wife who nearly destroyed everything he loved. Though he doubts Becca is tough or knowledgeable enough to run the place, he grudgingly gives her credit for knowing what she wants and her willingness to learn. Why couldn’t she be a bit less pretty? A tad less cheerful? A smidgeon less sexy? Now the only demon Cade is fighting is his attraction to Becca, but he doesn’t want to go down the relationship road again. Not even for her. With their time together running out, Cade finds himself torn between protecting his heart or keeping hers forever…