The SEAL’s Instant Family (Hartsville’s SEAL Heroes #3)

Navy SEAL Kenton Fitzpatrick has his life planned out. Retire from the military in a few years, find a lovely woman, get married, have kids. But all that gets thrown off when he comes home from a mission ahead of schedule and finds a beautiful woman with toddler twins and a slobbery dog living in his house. Mia Kingston, who gained custody of her nieces when her sister died, lost her apartment in a fire, so Kenton’s mom thought it would be fine for her to stay in his house while he was deployed. Though having a family living with him isn’t ideal, Kenton agrees to let them stay. With his life plan set in stone, he has no worries that a free spirit like Mia will throw him off track. But when an enemy from Kenton’s past surfaces looking for revenge—and puts Mia and the twins in his sights—Kenton may have to accept a change in plans.

Mia always intended to return to her apartment once repairs were completed. And she never intended to fall for a sexy SEAL. Then again, even with the chaos of the twins, the threats on their lives, and Kenton’s frustrating need to plan everything, Mia’s never been happier. Having lost her parents at a young age, it’s nice to have a family—even if it’s not quite real. While Kenton’s focused like a laser on keeping them all safe, Mia’s struggling to keep her heart safe from falling too hard, too fast.
Will it take nearly losing Mia for Kenton to realize he can’t live without her?

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