The SEAL’s Pregnant Christmas Lover

There’s more than just rivalry being whipped up between these two small-town bakeries…

Amelia Cafferty opened her bakery in a small town to find a caring, tightknit community. But when things start going wrong not long after moving in, she suspects the town’s rival bakery. To top things off, she’s just found out her sizzling one-night stand with Navy SEAL hunk, Maxwell Bloom, has left her pregnant. Things only get worse when she learns the SEAL belongs to the family who owns the rival bakery!

As much as Maxwell loves his family, his unexpected protectiveness for Amelia and their unborn child takes priority—and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect them from her bakery’s increasingly deadly happenings. It has nothing to do with Amelia’s sunny nature and sultry curves, or how he can’t stop thinking about her…and definitely nothing to do with his heart—at least that’s what he’s convinced himself. He’s got no time to entertain lovesick feelings, not with his leave’s end in sight once the holidays are over.

It’ll take a sprinkling of Christmas magic to convince Maxwell to finally listen to his stubborn heart.

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