The SEAL’s Virgin Lover (Denver Men #2)

Danger and romance make for an unforgettable meet cute…

Former Navy SEAL Seth Jacobsen has been hired to find the kidnapped infant of billionaire Trent Caldwell. Tracking down the baby is easy. Getting the little one away from the sassy and beautiful nurse looking after her? Not so much. Seth doesn’t understand how she can be so warm and affectionate one moment, and so cold the next. But he can’t deny, there’s something about her he just can’t resist…

Chelsea Andrews refuses to back down. A mysterious stranger hired her to look after a baby, and nobody is going to get in the way of her doing her job. As far as she’s concerned, men like Seth are one thing… Trouble. And despite their growing attraction, she isn’t about to give her virginity away to just anyone—even if he is tall, muscular, and unbearably handsome.

When they’re forced to work together to return the kidnapped infant, Chelsea realizes there’s more to this gruff alpha male than meets the eye. Could he be the man she’s been waiting for?

This book was previously released in 2014.

The SEAL’s Virgin Lover is available on Amazon.