The Sheikh’s Contract Wife (Khalid Sheikhs #2)

Deception and desire in the desert…

King Ziad Khalid needs a nanny and a wife. Without the latter, he can’t adopt his late best friend’s children. Being a practical ruler, he’s decided he’ll marry whoever he hires for the position. And beautiful American Laura Stone is just desperate enough to take him up on his offer…

At first, Ziad has no intention of their marriage being real; he just needs a wife to keep up appearances. But the more time he spends with Laura, the deeper their connection grows. She manages to bring out his softer side, a part of him he never knew existed—and isn’t sure he likes.

To Laura, her marriage with Ziad is a dream come true. The King’s wealth will save her family, and help pay for her sister’s medical care. But marriage to a grumpy king, and the stress of caring for his adopted children, quickly add up.

Still, Laura is convinced that behind the Sheikh’s smoldering eyes, there’s a kind and generous man she might come to love. The only question is, does he feel the same way about her?

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