The Sheikh’s Defiant Girlfriend (Botros Brothers #2)

A forbidden romance blossoms beneath the burning desert sun…

Sheikh Amir Botros, a notorious womanizer, may finally have met his match in the form of Soraya, his best friend’s sister.

Soraya is fascinating, beautiful, and fiercely intelligent… She constantly pushes Amir away, rejects him in public and refuses to return his calls. And despite his best efforts, he can’t even make her smile. She never lets her guard down around him, no matter how hard he tries…

Soraya can’t believe how arrogant and obnoxious Amir Botros can be… He’s always showing up to her university or the restaurant where she works uninvited. He won’t leave her alone and he won’t take no for an answer. Forcing her to ask herself… Why is she so attracted to a man she knows she should despise?

But when he kisses her, something inside her melts. She knows she can’t resist him. But what happens when forces beyond both their control conspire to tear them a part?

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