The Sheikh’s Island Fling (The Sheikh’s Meddling Sisters #2)

Anastasia knows she’s been wallowing, but what else can she do when her ex-fiancé slips her three-carat diamond ring onto another woman’s finger? Her sister, however, has had enough of the pity party, and shoves a suitcase in Anastasia’s hand instead. She’s signed Anastasia up for “Recover Love Rehab” on one of those man-made islands in the Middle East. It’s the height of luxury and Anastasia’s last chance to kick her ex to the curb. So, try as she might, the sight of the frothy pink sundress and the promise of relaxation does her in. Maybe her sister’s right. And if Anastasia’s going to move on…why not do it in paradise?

Rehaj appreciates the island’s seclusion, but isn’t really looking to Recover Love. Not until he sees the beautiful woman in the villa next door. Despite their chemistry, Rehaj’s knee jerk reaction is to suppress his feelings for Ani. He already has a love: his country, and he doesn’t think there’s room for anything—or anyone—else. Especially not after losing his school sweetheart as a teenager. Yet the couple begins to click as they share activities, share meals, and come to share even more, and their island getaway turns into a passionate escape.

As Rehaj brings Ani confidence and Ani helps Rehaj to loosen up, they slowly discover that their past doesn’t have to define their future, and that a second chance of love is within their grasp—if they’re willing to reach for it.


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