The Sheikh’s Island (The Sheikh’s Wedding Bet #4)

coverreducedDoes love solve all? 

Shiekh Rameez Molamid doesn’t believe in love. He only cares about looking out for his interests, and after winning Muharraq Island from the Khalidzack brothers in the wedding bet, he’s certainly proven that he can trust his instincts. But when a feud threatens to tear his family apart, he has to do what he can to make peace for the sake of his elderly mother.

Wynifred Fellows, author of the upcoming book Love Solves All, is brought in to heal the rift within the family. The last thing she expects is to feel a spark of mutual attraction for the handsome bachelor Rameez. With her publisher turning up the pressure, she really needs a win. But when Rameez and his cousin Haris begin competing for her attention, the feud—and the bedroom—start to heat up.

With tensions at a fever pitch, Wynifred knows the only logical thing is to force a confrontation, so she “strands” the three of them on Muharraq Island. What she doesn’t know is that dangerous art collector Anton Negatin is waiting to get his hands on the island, by any means necessary—even murder.

Escape to Muharraq Island with gorgeous Sheikh Rameez and stubborn Wynifred today!








Available as a boxed set

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