The Sheikh’s Pregnant Teacher (Khalid Sheikhs #3)

Their song of passion echoes through the desert…

Sheikh Fahim Khalid, the gruff loner of the Khalid royal family, has been tasked with finding a music tutor for his brother’s adorable children. And he can’t believe his good fortune when American Rose Adams applies for the job. Little does he know, Rose, is pregnant, and looking for a safe haven from her past.

Their shared love of music ignites a spark between them, and rumors of romance soon run rampant through the palace. Until Rose’s ex turns up, bringing scandal to the royal family. And no matter how he feels about Rose, that is something Fahim cannot allow…

Rose has never met anyone as protective—or as sexy—as the Sheikh. She hates that her past is causing problems for Fahim’s family, but she hates the thought of leaving him even more.

Will Fahim be there for her when she needs him the most? Or will his duty to family drive them apart once and for all?

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