The Sheikh’s Secret Past (Botros Brothers #3)

Two brothers. Two women who love them. One secret that threatens to destroy their family…

Soraya’s heart melts when she’s around Amir. She has never felt so attracted to any man. No matter how much she tries to fight it, she can’t resist Amir’s playful charms. And nobody had ever seen Amir care so much for a woman. Even his brother, Tariq, jokes that Amir, an infamous playboy, is falling head over heels in love.

Then there’s Sara… Her bond with Tariq strengthens every day. When he is near she feels feverish, like she is on fire. Just his touch, or a whiff of his cologne, sets her heart racing. He may seem stubborn and intimating on the outside, but his tough exterior disappears around Sara and their child. With another Botros baby on the way, and a wedding on the horizon, their relationship has grown even more passionate.

But when the Botros matriarch, invites the whole family to visit an exotic paradise in the heart of the desert, a woman from Amir’s past is waiting for them.

And she carries a secret that could tear the Botros family apart…


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