The Sheikh’s Tempting Nanny (Khalid Sheikhs #1)

First rule of working for a Sheikh: never fall in love…

To help his older brother, wealthy and handsome Sheikh Imran Khalid is determined to hire a nanny for his beloved niece and nephew. And American Sarah Jenner might just be the answer he’s looking for. She’s smart, good with the children… and just happens to stir Imran’s blood like no other woman he’s ever met. He knows he should keep their relationship strictly professional. But the attraction between them quickly grows hotter than the scorching desert sands.

No matter how many times Sarah reminds herself to be sensible, she just can’t help being attracted to Imran. Falling for her boss would be monumentally stupid, and Sarah refuses to give in. But her heart seems to have other plans, and she finally succumbs to her desire. When she discovers Imran’s past, though, she’s left to wonder… Is she just another notch in his belt?

Can these two star-crossed lovers put aside their doubts and learn to trust each other? Or will they both end up alone…

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