The Sheikh’s Troublesome Bride (The Jawhara Sheikhs Series #2)

jawhara2Shira couldn’t believe it. She’d just seen her cousin, Erin, walk off with a tall, dark and mysterious Sheikh. Now she was all alone at a ball where she didn’t know anyone. Then Sheikh Khalil had strode confidently into her life and whisked her away for the evening. But just as the night was about to get even steamier Khalil was called back to his home, Jawhara, after a national emergency.

They hadn’t seen each other since that night.

But when Shira gets sent to Jawhara on a business trip, she has no doubt that Khalil had orchestrated it. Shira had never met a man like Khalil before. He is so strong and handsome; everything seems to be in his control. When he touches her she is overwhelmed with attraction, especially when he looks at her with his deep brown eyes.

Khalil can’t believe that the one woman who had finally won his heart is an American, and so unladylike as well. But when he is around her he feels an overwhelming attraction – and he knows she feels it too. Khalil wants her to stay in Jawhara forever. Shira is furious when she finds out his plan and yet she finds such a strong attraction to him. She will be forced to decide between Khalil and her home…

But the fairy tale soon ends when Erin is kidnapped from a refugee camp. Sheikh Kamal, Sheikh Khalil and Shira will all have to work together to get the future Sheikha of Jawhara safely returned.

Approximate length: 26,000 words (a novella) 

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Shira let him lead her towards a doorway, which he opened by reaching over her shoulder and punching a code into the keypad. He let his fingers skim her upper chest and shoulder upon their retreat and Shira shivered in reaction.

When the doorway opened, it was to a luxurious bedroom done in gold’s and baby blue tones. The large king-sized bed took up the majority of the space, but she could see a bathroom off to one side, and what appeared to be a closet as well. The four-poster bed looked so inviting; yet, out of place considering they were on an airplane, thirty thousand feet in the sky!

“Kale, this is amazing!” she said, turning to find herself nose to chest with him. She inhaled and made to move backwards, but his hands kept her locked tight against him. Her senses swamped with his unique scent had her knees threatening to buckle. She had lain awake many a night, remembering his smell – remembering his touch.

Pulling her even closer, he dipped his head and murmured, “I’m glad you like it,” just before capturing her lips with his own. Kissing her deeply for several minutes, he didn’t break the kiss until he felt her hands creep up his chest, wrapping around his neck.

Sighing, he rested his chin atop her head, “I’ve been dying to do that since you walked into the airport.”

Shira snuggled into his embrace, echoing his sentiment, “I’ve been dying for you to kiss me just as long.”

Moving them both further into the room, Kale pushed the door shut behind him with his foot and led her over to the bed. Pulling back the covers, he then proceeded to unbutton her shirt, pulling it down her arms amidst her protests. Clad in only a thin camisole, he did his best to rein in his desire and calm her.

“Shush. You will sleep more comfortably if you’re not fighting your clothing. Remove your jeans and I will find you a t-shirt to wear to preserve your modesty.” Kale deliberately strode across the room, giving her a few minutes to follow his commands.

He wanted nothing more than to disrobe himself as well and join her in the large bed, but he wanted their first joining to be something special. He had learned over the past few weeks that Shira had a history of boyfriends who took advantage of her and treated her poorly. She had tried to hide the hurt those relationships had caused her, but Kale had not been deceived. He intended to prove to her that he wanted her for more than just her stunning body – that he wanted her for her mind, and the beautiful person she was inside. The chemistry between them would be the icing on the cake.

Shira slowly shed her jeans and then crawled beneath the covers, pulling the sheet up to cover her breasts which were visible through the thin material of her camisole. When Kale tossed her a black t-shirt, she quickly pulled it over her head, confused with his odd behavior. When he didn’t join her on the bed, but headed towards the door, she stopped him, “Kale? Did I do something wrong?”

Kale closed his eyes upon hearing the hurt in her voice, he had not meant to hurt her feelings. Turning, he walked back towards the bed, sitting on the edge and taking her cheeks in his hands. Lifting her eyes up to meet his own, he placed a tender kiss upon her nose, her chin, and then her lips. He caressed her lips, using his thumb to pull her chin down and open her mouth to his invasion.

The minute his tongue touched her own, he lost some of his self-control, claiming her mouth in a ravenous kiss that spoke to the intensity of his feelings for her. He pulled her closer to himself, wrapping a hand around her upper back and crushing her breasts against his chest. The feel of her tight nipples against his hard muscles had him gripping her back to keep from reaching for them.

He would take things slow if it killed him. Lifting his head, he placed gentling kisses upon her temple and across her brow, murmuring to her in Arabic.

Shira’s mind was swimming in the feelings his kiss and his touch had aroused. She was no stranger to the chemistry that existed between a man and a woman, but the feelings Kale created in her were as foreign as the words he murmured near her ear. Never before had she felt this way about a man. It was if her previous experiences were all gray and Kale was the rainbow – full of bright colors and sunshine.

She lifted her hand up to caress his cheek, marveling at the smoothness there and briefly wondering how many times a day he needed to shave.

“Shira, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I want nothing more than to join you in this bed and make love to you until we reach Jawhara.”

“Okay,” Shira agreed, wanting the same thing.

“No. We will wait. When I finally make you mine, there will be no time constraints, no chance of interruptions, and we won’t be in my brother’s plane. I want our first joining to be special and something that neither one of us will ever forget.”

Shira was so touched that he was thinking about a future and not just getting her into bed, she felt tears threaten to fall. She had been attracted to Kale’s character before, but now she was enthralled with him. Hugging him, she leaned up and placed a gentle kiss on his lips, “Thank you. I want that too. ”

Kale pushed her down in the pillows and pulled the sheet up to her chin before placing another kiss on her swollen lips. “Soon. I will see to it.”

Shira smiled at him and watched him leave the room. She drifted off to sleep dreaming of Kale and the joining that he had promised her. He was a man of his word and she couldn’t wait to find out how he intended to fulfill his promise.

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The Jawhara Sheikhs series is also available as a boxset from Amazon, GooglePlay, iBooks, Nook and Kobo.

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