The Sheikh’s Troublesome Bride (The Jawhara Sheikhs Series #2)

She was bound by his love, beneath the scorching desert sun…

Shira was delighted to see her cousin fall in love with a tall, dark, and handsome sheikh. Now if only she could get Sheikh Khalil to focus on her! Luckily, it turns out the handsome prince was merely biding his time. And now that they aren’t deep in contract negotiations, she definitely has his full attention.

Their chemistry is as hot as ever when he whisks her away on his private jet for work. But it doesn’t take long for Shira to realize he has other plans. As usual, Khalil has everything under control… Including her. And she can’t deny how much being under the sexy sheikh’s control excites her…

Khalil wants Shira to stay in Jawhara forever—she is his perfect match in life and in bed. He just has to figure out how to explain that she will be his bride… Without sending her running back to the US.

But their fairy tale quickly ends when Shira’s cousin is kidnapped from a refugee camp. Shira, Khalil, and the entire royal family will have to work together to ensure the future sheikha of Jawhara is safely returned.

And both couple’s happy endings depend on it…

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