Top-Scoring Player (Solomon Pro Athletes #2)

A perfect shot for romance fans…

NBA star Chase Holbrook’s reputation with women is as legendary as his skill on the court. But when his affairs distract him from the game, Chase accepts a team bet to steer clear of women for the season. Shouldn’t be a problem for the ultra-competitive Chase — Until the team’s annoyingly cute team mascot is tasked with monitoring his every move.

Team mascot Willow “Bolt” Bend has always been one of the guys. So it’s no surprise when she’s asked to help ensure the integrity of the bet. Willow doesn’t want to get involved, but her hesitation is sidelined by her desire to learn if Chase is as shallow as she thinks. All she has to do is keep an eye on the smoking hot player, and cry foul if he makes a move…

This perky cheerleader definitely knows how to get under Chase’s skin. But with the bet well underway, Chase starts to see Willow in a whole new light. And as the sparks between them ignite, Chase begins to wonder if this is one bet he’ll be happy to lose…

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