Wrangling Love (Cafferty Ranch #2)

Never fall in love with a Carter cowboy….

After the humiliation of getting fired from her job in the city, Fiona Cafferty finds herself back home on the family ranch. Like it or not, she’ll be stuck working there until she can find another job. But she wasn’t prepared to work beside her old high school nemesis, Eli Carter.

Eli sure had changed over the years. For one thing, he’s grown up to become a smoking hot cowboy. He’s also a sweet, caring single dad now, which Fiona finds even sexier. So, when they run into Eli’s snarky ex-wife, Fiona comes to his rescue and claims they’re a couple. Now they’re stuck in a fake relationship. But her attraction is definitely real…

Eli is not a happy cowboy. Not only was he humiliated by his cheating ex, now he’s worried that everyone will find out he’s got a fake girlfriend. He can’t imagine pretending to love someone like Fiona, who’s so vexing. And beautiful. And irresistible…

The last thing Eli wants to do is fall in love with another woman who won’t stick around. Too bad his heart just won’t listen to reason…

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