The Sheikh’s Christmas Fling (Christmas with the Yared Sheikhs #1)

It’s the Christmas season in the tiny Kingdom of Maatkare, and the royal family needs a chef. Desperate to prove herself after her first restaurant failed, Ana Rizzo jumps at this chance for redemption and nabs the high-paying, short-term job. The opportunity couldn’t be more perfect. Ana will be able to stretch her culinary skills, earn enough money to open another restaurant, and still be able to give her adopted daughter the attention she needs. Her biggest challenge will be winning over the family’s elderly cook and getting Noel Yared, the middle son, to give her food his stamp of approval. She only cares about Noel’s palate, not his soulful brown eyes, his gorgeous runner’s body, and his amazing kisses. An avid runner herself, Ana pushes herself to keep up with Noel during their daily runs. But she’s finding the biggest challenge is resisting Noel’s charm.

Noel finds Ana endlessly fascinating and incredibly sexy. With a bit of charming persuasion from him, the two begin what they both know is a short-term affair. No rules, no heartache, just great sex and a bit of fun. So when he believes Ana has betrayed his family’s trust, he’s glad his heart wasn’t involved. Glad she’s gone. Glad he’ll never see her again. Until he realizes a couple terrible truths too late: Ana was actually the one who was betrayed, and somehow he’s fallen hard for her. Now he needs a bit of Christmas magic to prove he’s worthy of her love.

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Christmas with the Yared Sheikhs is also available as a boxset on Amazon, GooglePlay, iBooks, Kobo and Nook.

4 thoughts on “The Sheikh’s Christmas Fling (Christmas with the Yared Sheikhs #1)”

  1. Beautiful ornament. Just finished your book THE SHEIKH’s ROYAL SEDUCTION and enjoyed it. I’m sure I am going to enjoy THE SHEIKH’S CHRISTMAS FLING.

  2. I just received notification of these books.Why bother now? No ornament and very difficult to get to the books, I was going to get all three. I have bought many of your books. Since the quality of service has declined, I will be unscribing.Your loss,at any given week I have 900 plus books in my library.

  3. I love your books and have read most. I’m just so frustrated that the only platform is Amazon. I buy on iBooks, so would be nice to once again be able to buy outside of Amazon.

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