Cowboy’s Christmas Rodeo

True love is wilder than a bucking bronco…

Axel King has lived a tough life on the rodeo circuit, and now he’s ready to settle down. But first he wants to win the Pride River Christmas Rodeo. Which means he’s got to stay out of trouble, and that’s where Belle Manning comes in. Belle always kept him out of hot water when he was a kid, and Axel’s never forgotten her… or their first kiss. He’s also never forgotten how her daddy warned him to stay away from her…

Belle had a crush on Axel King when they were little cowpokes and she can’t deny she’s a little intrigued by his return. So when he approaches her with a proposition, she agrees. Axel wants her by his side and, in exchange, he’ll give her a plot of land so she can build her occupational therapy clinic. It’s a stunning offer, and one that will keep her matchmaking mother off her back, too. Once Axel wins the rodeo, they can go their merry ways.

But it doesn’t take long before their fake relationship turns all too real, throwing Belle off kilter. Maybe a second chance at love is the Christmas miracle they needed all along?

Guess what? This heartwarming cowboy romance is even better than before, it was updated & republished in August 2023!

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