Leslie North Presents….

Leslie North lives and breathes romance, but there’s only so many hours in the day! So, she decided to take some new authors under her wing, and work with them on their own creations… and so, Katie Knight and Mary Sue Jackson were born! These pen names focus on two of Leslie’s favourite heroes: SEALs and Cowboys. Writing slightly longer stand-alone titles instead of the usual trilogies, Lesle North Presents hopes to tantalize its readers with these new titles.

It isn’t a big surprise Katie Knight ended up writing romances about the stellar, studdly men of the Navy SEALs; after all, she was a K-9 trainer for the SEALs and met her own Navy SEAL hero husband while preparing one of their K-9 partners for combat. A few years after their marriage, her and hubby decided to retire with their K-9 partner, Sam, to raise their children in the Midwest.

It wasn’t long after that before Katie decided to write her own stories featuring the men of the SEAL teams and the women who love them. When not imagining dangerously romantic scenarios for her heroes and their feisty heroines, Katie enjoys hikes with her husband and Sam, spending time with her children, and long runs (on and off the beach).

Mary Sue Jackson is the romance pen name created for all those cowboy dreamers! This Montana-based cowgirl is a rancher, and knows what hard work means. But despite being up at dawn and working past dusk, she still finds time for what she really loves… romance! With so many hours spent alone, riding across the seemingly never-ending expanse of grasslands, she has plenty of time to dream of love and the romantic tales of ranch life.

Mary Sue’s not out on the grasslands dreaming up her next story, she’s most often spending time with her own personal hunky rancher, her husband. One of Mary Sue’s favorite activities is to ride the ranch with her husband in the evening and hold his hand as they watch the sun go down over the prairie.