Cowboy’s Pregnant Employee

This cowboy needs a change.

But is he ready for a family?

When Colton Hand’s sister jokingly posts his “decade of pictures” on social media, it’s a wake-up call. Every picture is of him… and his horse. Every. One.

It’s time for a change. Stat. And the irresistible stranger at the local watering hole? She’s definitely ‘a change’.

But when his new housekeeper, Nora Bennet, shows up at his doorstep a few weeks later, it’s a double surprise. Not only is she his one-night stand, she’s also pregnant. With his kid.

Nora Bennet came to Tucker Plains to find her independence.

A one-night stand with the smoking hot cowboy who swept her off her feet? An excellent start.

Finding out she is pregnant with said cowboy—and then discovering her baby’s father is also her new boss? Not excellent. Not excellent at all.

Colton Hand doesn’t just want a housekeeper—he wants a wife. And a family. His offer is simple: accept a marriage of convenience, and he will take care of her and their surprise baby. But what about her heart?

Is her cowboy strong enough to be there when it really matters?

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