Mr Cocky (Billionaire Bossholes #3)

I lie down for just a second…
The next thing I see is the chiseled and extremely grumpy face of my billionaire client, Theo Barnes, looking down at me.
If I’m Goldilocks, he has all the grouchiness of three bears.

I was overworked and overstressed juggling photographing his fleet of yachts with my other projects.
Add in a super comfy bed on one of his yachts and I’m out.
Now I’m about to be fired.

Except, we’re in the middle of the ocean and he’s looking at me like I’m the missing piece of a puzzle.
Instead of getting the axe, he offers me an insane amount of money for a single day of work—an amount it’s really, really hard to say no to.
But I should have.

Because this bosshole wants me to be his pretend girlfriend for the afternoon.
The rules: no PDA, don’t get cornered by his mother and the deal is done once we dock.
That first rule lasted about four minutes.

This pretend girlfriend thing was supposed to be a one-and-done gig, but now his mother insists he bring a “nice” girl to a family wedding.
And Theo thought of me.
A “nice” girl would have said no, but here I am, stuck with Mr. Cocky.

It’s not all bad.
There are those rule-breaking kisses.
And the scorching sex.

But sex has consequences.
And Goldilocks has a surprise for her grumpy bear.

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