Protecting His Pretend Family

Danger makes the heart grow fonder…

It’s her first day on the job, and Aurora Sunshine is excited to meet her new boss. Until she discovers it’s former Navy SEAL Jackson Sheppard… The same gorgeous man she just had an unforgettable one-night stand with…

Aurora figures she’s ruined her big chance by sleeping with her future boss. But just as she’s about to put in her two-weeks notice, one of Jackson’s former SEAL mates arrives with a baby, and everything changes. Despite being assigned to protect the infant, none of these SEALs know the first thing about taking care of babies.

Lucky for them, Aurora comes from a big family and she’s eager to help. Escaping to a safe house in the suburbs, Jackson, Aurora, and the baby go undercover, posing as a loving family. But the more time he spends with Aurora, the more Jackson realizes how nice I would be to build a life with her, after the mission ends…

As danger closes in, can these two survive long enough to find out if their love is more than just a deception?

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