Protecting Mandy (Springwell Series #1)

Even an ace mechanic can’t repair a broken heart…

When Mandy’s father died he left her alone, heartbroken, and buried in crippling debt to an unscrupulous bookie. Now, Mandy’s the proud owner of an auto repair business whose only other mechanic just quit. Things couldn’t get any worse. Until former Navy SEAL Chance McCallister, the man who broke her heart when they were teens, walks through her door. He’s looking to help, and even hotter than she remembers. She’d be crazy to hire him as her new mechanic.

And she’d be even crazier to fall in love with him again…

Chance knows Mandy’s in trouble. And even though he doesn’t want to get involved, he just can’t stop those feelings flooding his heart, the same way they did when he was a kid. Nothing has changed… Except Mandy is even more beautiful, more fierce, more everything. But he’s not going down that road again. One messy breakup is enough. He’ll protect her. He’ll put his life on the line. And he’ll do what he can to keep her safe.

But this time, he’ll protect his own heart as well…

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Previously published as SEAL’s Homecoming by Leslie North.