Rugged Love (Cafferty Ranch #3)

It’s never too late to give love a second chance…

When Shannon Cafferty thinks of Declan Morris, all she can remember is the passionate under-the-mistletoe kiss she planted on him when she was a teenager. And the soul-crushing look of his horrified face. That was all it took to break her heart…

But now, Declan is back in town working for the local veterinarian in the hopes of taking over the retiring vet’s practice. Shannon knows Declan never saw her as anything more than his friend’s little sister. But the more time she spends with him, she more she wishes that her teenage crush could turn into something real.

Declan never forgot that kiss. But Shannon is special, and the last thing he wants is to screw everything up by letting passion cloud his judgement. Because he needs this job to work out—needs to be able to stay in town, close to his family—and getting distracted by romance could blow his chances.

Right now, his focus has to be on his career. But as their mutual attraction grows, Declan is left wondering. Maybe just this once, he should let passion take control after all…

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