SEAL Champions

If you love Navy SEALs, surprise babies and edge-of-your-seat suspense, seven is your lucky number. Dive into Katie Knight’s thrilling seven-book boxset for hours of excitement and romance!

Expecting the SEAL’s Baby

Navy SEAL Jeremy Quinn always had a thing for Gina Greenwood, his squad mate’s little sister. So when Gina turns to him after her brother vanishes, a little emotional support leads to a scorching night of passion. But as their search for answers takes them deep into a South American jungle, Gina realizes the greatest danger may be losing her heart to a Navy SEAL…

SEAL’s Family Deal

A steamy fling with a sexy Navy SEAL was all Princess Cassandra wanted from George Ward. She certainly wasn’t counting on getting pregnant—or becoming heir to the throne. As her coronation looms, it becomes clear her life is in danger. George vows to protect Cassandra and their unborn child at any cost, but can he ever be more than just her bodyguard?

SEAL’s Surprise Daughter

Navy SEAL Gabe Kelley’s world turns upside down when he learns a one-night stand made him a dad. But that’s not the half of it—the baby’s mother has been murdered. Desperate and scared, the woman’s best friend, Charlotte Rhodes, turns to Gabe for help. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep his new family safe. Falling in love was never part of the plan…


Navy SEAL Ethan Lee is facing his toughest challenge yet: divorce. The Navy always came first and Helen got tired of being second best. But Ethan has never backed down and he won’t start now, especially after learning Helen is pregnant. Then she sees something she shouldn’t, and her life is on the line. Can Ethan rescue her in time to save their love?


Journalist Sophie Carter has a scoop that could make her career…provided it doesn’t kill her first. When her investigation into a ruthless drug lord lands her in the crosshairs, she’s forced to hide out at a couple’s retreat with smoldering Navy SEAL Owen McCormick. They’re only pretending to be married to maintain their cover, but Owen and Sophie soon realize there’s nothing fake about how they feel…


Julie Hart is on the run with her little niece and nephew, desperately trying to protect them from their unhinged father. Enter Navy SEAL Sean Miller, a taciturn hulk who pledges to keep them safe. But Julie sees a softer side to Sean and it’s getting harder to deny her attraction. Sean has always believed that love equals pain. But sometimes, the risk is worth the reward…


After a truly horrible date with hard-as-steel Navy SEAL Chase Baker, reporter Gabbi King’s night goes from bad to worse. Returning to work, she witnesses a murder. And while Chase may have been a terrible date, he’s the perfect person to help her find the killer. But the more time she spends with Chase the harder it is to keep him out of her bed…and her heart.

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