SEAL’s Beautiful Thief (Sentinel SEAL’s #1)

Will a thief’s daughter steal his heart?

If it’s not by the book, former Navy SEAL Maxwell Peters isn’t interested. He’s a rule-following kind of guy. Falling for investigator Violet Schroeder—the daughter of an infamous jewel thief—is definitely against his rules.

When Violet asks to partner with Maxwell on his latest security gig aboard a cruise, Maxwell resists. He doesn’t know if he can trust her, even if she is the best person for the job. But no one knows jewels and how to steal them better than Violet, and when she reveals her father might be on the one targeting the cruise, Maxwell reluctantly agrees to let her come.

For years, Violet has wanted to catch her father after he cruelly betrayed her. Now, she’s finally got a chance. All she has to do is play a hot Navy SEAL’s fake wife and not get distracted. Easy, right? But her growing attraction to Maxwell is something Violet didn’t count on. Soon, their pretend kisses aren’t so pretend, and a future with Maxwell is seeming like everything she never knew she wanted.

When the job turns deadlier than either of them anticipated, will he be able to trust her with the mission—and his heart?

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