Sheriff’s Pregnant Ex (Thorne Ranch Brothers #2)

Passion doesn’t play by the rules…

As the local sheriff, Brian Thorne believes the safety of the whole town rests on his broad shoulders. So when the owner of the diner hires a troubled waitress to help out, Brian agrees to provide summer lodging for her new employee. 

But to Brian’s surprise, the waitress turns out to be his old college girlfriend, Caitlin Baker. The same Caitlin Baker he shared a night of passion with, not long ago. Still, that’s all in the past. He’s got a town to protect and no time to frolic. So why does he feel so disappointed when Caitlin agrees to keep things strictly platonic? 

Caitlin spent most of her adult life trying to get away from a town filled with bad memories. She thought she was finally going to make it in the city, until her plans for opening a tattoo parlor went bust after her ex stole her life’s savings. Now, she’s back, and wondering if her feelings for Brian are strong enough to overcome the past…

It was just supposed to be one summer. But how can she leave behind the only man she’s ever loved?

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